Import business

In the import business, we import excellent products from all over the world that have not been released in Japan. There are many products in the world that have not been released and have potential to sell well in Japan. We deliver overseas products with excellent design and functionality to people in Japan.

Additionally, we develop sales in Japan by collaborating with mass retailers, retailers, domestic manufacturers, and utilizing sales channels such as Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping.

Crowdfunding business

In the crowdfunding business, we provide customers with imported products that have not been released in Japan. Through crowdfunding, we accumulate product sales results at the early stage, enhance brand value, and approach to various media in Japan.

Operating media business

We research the products sold on Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and Yahoo! Shopping, and introduce them on Monozanmai (, which is the media we operate. Monozanmai has been accessed by a total about 300,000 PV and 210,000 users, and sold about 2,587 products ($42,633.23) ※ as of January 15th 2021.


In 2020, signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Hideaki Otake of Yubiken Co., Ltd. Mr. Hideaki Otake has many import records and is a leader in crowdfunding sales in Japan. We are working on a project with him as a team in order to make the import business and crowdfunding business successful.

The record of Mr. Hideaki Otake’s overseas import and crowdfunding is below.